More Than Falling (More 2.5) by S. Van Horne

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Book Cover: More Than Falling (More 2.5) by S. Van Horne
Part of the More Series series:
  • More Than Falling (More 2.5) by S. Van Horne
Author: S. Van Horne


At twenty-three, Angela Cheney didn’t date. Hell, she was still a virgin. She didn’t have time when her hectic life revolved around her job as a pediatric nurse in the surgical ward and school to reach her dream of becoming a physician assistant. With only two more years until graduation, she thought maybe she could finally settle down. That is — until she was targeted.

At twenty-nine, Curt Weil was deep into his career as a FBI agent. He specialized in undercover, serial killers, and cold cases. He didn’t have time for love. Anxious to move up in the agency, he took a case that, not only shocked the nation, but had people on edge not knowing where the killer would strike next. Determined to wrap this up, he immersed himself into his work. That is — until he met her.

As the killer’s plan had been set into motion, they were forced to come together in a race against time before it was too late . . . again.

Will their love save them or will the situation call for something more?