Born in the Storm (The Storm Series Book 4) by M. Stratton

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A Passion, Vows & Babies Kindle World Novella

Book Cover: Born in the Storm (The Storm Series Book 4) by M. Stratton
Part of the The Storm Series series:
  • Born in the Storm (The Storm Series Book 4) by M. Stratton
Author: M. Stratton


Lexi and Noah Matthews celebrated the news of the pregnancy, but things soon turned dire. To make sure their baby has the best medical care they temporarily move to Rock Springs, Nebraska to be close to the doctors who through their research, was said to be the best. The doctors, both top in their field, are prepared to operate on baby Matthews at the moment of birth.

Evie and Anthony Maldono were ready to start their family when her best friend Lexi’s pregnancy compilations came to light. Worried for her friend, she is consumed with fear of what the future had planned for each of them. Hating that there is nothing she can do but sit back and help where she can, anger adds to her stress.

Never believing she’d have her happy ever after were fulfilling one of her dreams. After years of work, Kat Taylor and her husband Jackson were finally going to be able to adopt a child and enlarge their family to three. She won’t allow herself the joy of becoming a mother until the baby is in her arms and the papers are signed. She has seen in Lexi and Evie, along with her own past, the joy of motherhood is not a right but a privilege that not all experience.

The Storm Series introduced you to the characters you grew to love and care about. Now it’s time to see where life took them as they try to move on from the past in this exciting crossover novella with the doctors from Baby Don’t Go, a Yeah Baby Series.